LSA Laser

About LSA Laser

LSA's Evolution

LSA LLC. was founded in 1998 and has become a nationally recognized leader in the processing and assembly of product for the medical device industry. What started out as a one-laser company, started by CEO Tom Noll, has now evolved into a growing partner to the medical industry. In 2002 LSA acquired Oeuvre Technologies, an acquisition that not only brought expanded capabilities and additional equipment, but key personnel with years of industry expertise. LSA now operates 31 lasers, various related process capabilities, and 67 highly skilled employees.

LSA is committed to being a partner in the truest sense of the word. Respect and growth in the highly technical and demanding medical industry does not happen by accident. Noll's customer focused leadership has been the vision that continues to drive the business today. LSA is successful only if we are able to help our partners become successful in their endeavors to bring quality new products to medical professionals.

R&D is the key in developing products that will be successful in the market. LSA knows and understands how critical time is to the R&D process and our many satisfied partners can attest to our ability to deliver quality results in a timely manner. LSA has the ability to transform ideas into products that meet or exceed your expectations. Challenge LSA with your questions and projects, we promise you will not be disappointed!


Tom Noll
President/BS Aerospace Engineering, 20 years of technology management

Mike Whitehead
Engineering Manager/29 years of manufacturing technology

Mark Dustrude
R&D Manager/21 years of laser technology and 13 years of devices

Darin Lenk
Production Manager/10 years of manufacturing operations

David Timmersman
Sales and Marketing Manager/31 years sales and operations

Sheila Justus
Quality Manager/11 years quality, inspection and ISO systems

Jenni Rademacher
Accounting Manager, 20 years of accounting experience


The LSA Process

  • Early Stage R&D Partnerships
  • Timely, creative solutions to medical applications
  • R&D is fully documented with traceability
  • R&D develops processes and controls with engineering staff and then is transitioned to production